Multimodal Imaging
Multimodal Imaging

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Multimodal Imaging
Multimodal Imaging

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I am a senior hardware engineer at Luca Medical Systems, a medical device start-up company that develops autonomous platforms for clinical radiation therapy systems.

I lead hardware design and optimization tasks by combining mechanical engineering, nuclear radiation physics, and optical systems design principles.

I enjoy tackling translational projects - I am currently working in close collaboration with researchers at Stanford University to bring research prototypes into the market.

This website is an archive of my past research, in which I pursued with passion during my academic years until 2018. They were geared towards challenging the status quo in popular cancer detection and therapy techniques.


  • Published 19 journal articles (9 first authorships)

  • Received NIH funded fellowship on microfluidic molecular imaging (2-years)

  • Received research grant as PI on radiation therapy detector

  • Mentored over ten interns and undergraduate research assistants


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*Featured as News and Views in Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2020, link


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*Featured as Protocol of the week on April, 2017

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*=co-first author

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Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings 

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